Ghost Tales Cheat Hack Tool Trainer

Ghost Tales Cheat Hack Tool Trainer (Facebook)

This is the Ghost Tales Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer 100% working for Facebook by that will give you access to secret cheats such as unlimited diamonds, coins and energy. Download the Ghost Tales hack and cheats to start having infinite diamonds and coins today.

ghost tales hack cheats

Ghost Tales also called “Ghost Saga”, is a game on Facebook that lets you wander around a Ghost Town. You play as a heroine where you need to help and address the problems around the Ghost Town that was brought by a mysterious Dramatist. Play and uncover the secrets around the town, and scare evil ghosts away. Make new friends in this wonderful spooky game on Facebook.

If you enjoy ghost hunting games then you will surely love playing Ghost Tales.

For more important things about the game, see Ghost Tales Game Guide and FAQ (frequently ask questions) below.

Ghost Tales on Facebook Hack Tool Features:

  • Add Unlimited Diamonds
  • Add Unlimited Coins
  • Add Unlimited Energy
  • Ghost Tales Cheats
  • Ghost Tales Hack, Tool, Trainer (100% Working)
  • Awesome friendly and easy to use user-interface. (Just Login, Connect on Facebook then Activate Hack)
  • Multi-Browser Support (Works for popular web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari.)
  • Automatic updates to latest version to ensure functionality.

How to use the Ghost Tales on Facebook Hack?

1. Log in to your Facebook account.

2. Open/run the Ghost Tales hacking tool.

3. Click on the Facebook connect button to start connecting your Ghost Tales game account. A message will pop-up to show that your account is successfully connected.

ghost tales hack 1

4. Edit the values for Diamonds, Coins and Energy according to your preference.

ghost tales hack 2

5. Click on “Press to Start Hack” and then wait for the Ghost Saga trainer to finish patching your game account.

ghost tales hack 3

6. A message will show if the patch has been successful. Check your Ghost Tales game to see your newly added stats and resources.

ghost tales hack 4

ghost tales cheats

Use the trainer to get your infinite diamonds and coins for free.

Ghost Tales Hack Tool:

ghost tales hack

Ghost Tales Cheat Hack Tool Trainer for Facebook (100% Working)

Proceed to Download the Ghost Tales on Facebook Cheat


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Ghost Tales Game Guide and FAQ


When you need an item you may ask your friends for help. Click ASK to open a friend request window. You can request 1 item from friends up to 3 times every 24 hours. Additionally, you can gift (clicking on the portrait) and give (answering a friend request) 35 times per day. You are limited to 3 times for each friend, whether gifting or giving. The lifetime of the request is 12 hours. You may ask for a gift every 2 hours.

Roadside shop "Travel Wares"

The shop is a special location where you can obtain some items and increase your level. You're not obliged to do any tasks from the shop. They are unnecessary and don’t influence your game progress. All monsters from the shop reappear after some time. Its quests repeat themselves again and again. Items drop out spontaneously. It's a very musterious house of the Ghost Town so don't even try to follow any logic there!

Why can’t I return to a house?

Once you’ve completed all quests in a house and left it you are not able to return there anymore. So if you want to clean it out you have to stay inside. In order to prevent such unwanted exit a special message appears notifying you that you won’t be able to come back.

Rare items.

Some of the items can be received as a reward. You have to please a character to make him give you something you need. For example, a rope is given by Jane for cleaning her house and giving her the staff she asks for.

How can I get the rope ladder from Jane?

You can craft it at Jane's house. But first you need to repair it after you complete all tasks there.

When will I be given my own house to be able to visit my friends?

You'll be given your own house after you visit Rudy's house and complete all the tasks there.


There are hidden passages in many houses. Be attentive and try not to miss them. You may receive something really precious there.

Where can I get magnets?

There are two kinds of magnets. Some of them are needed to restore a house. You may receive them by asking your friends or to buy them for the diamonds. There’s no any other way!

What do I have to do to place the TV?

First of all, and this is the most important part, place Anna as it's shown in the TV1 image, then click "apply" in your inventory, a green field will appear (TV2 image). And that's where you have to put your TV. The result is shown in the TV3 image.

ghost tales 1

ghost tales 2

ghost tales 3

What do I have to do to place the Boombox at Mrs Langley's house?

First of all, and this is the most important part (again), place Anna as it's shown in the Image 1, then click "apply" in your inventory, a green field will appear (Image 2). And that's where you have to put your boombox. See the result in the Image 3) Enjoy the game.

ghost tales 1

ghost tales 2

ghost tales 3

Download the 100% Working Ghost Tales on Facebook Hack, Cheats, Trainer, and Tool!

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of December 17, 2014.

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