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Download the Age of Warring Empire hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working on Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS that will give you free unlimited gold coins, VIP, and resources like wood, iron, crop and stone. You can utilize the Gold Coins generated by Age of Warring Empire cheats tool to get special heroes and buffs. Age of Warring Empire Android and iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS trainer is easy to use and you can easily add amount of Age of Warring Empire gold coins, crop, stone, iron and wood in your account with just a few clicks of button. This is the answer to the question how to hack or cheat Age of Warring Empire and how to get infinite gold coins. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk in Age of Warring Empire iOS and Android cheats, hacks and trainer.

Age of Warring Empire Hack, Tool, Cheats and Trainer

Get Age of Warring Empire Online Cheats, Hacks, Guide, Tips and Tricks.

Age of Warring Empire

Age of Warring Empire (AoE) is an online multiplayer strategy game available for mobile phones and tablets running on Android and iOS. In the game, you are a Hero and you need to follow the Mission Guide to restore order to the havoc stricken city. The game lets you build an empire and play in an integrated 3D technology that provides a clear defined graphics for players. Gather resources, build structures and defences as you involve yourself and your armies in combat. Different resources such as wood, iron, crop and stone come from four resource buildings, which you can use to develop your city and train soldier. The game also has a lottery system, where it may reward you with a Hero and other items. To continue with the game story line just follow the missions and continue to build your empire.

Age of Warring Empire uses gold coins as its premium currency, useful to purchase special items, resources, heroes and even buffs. Hire upgradable powerful Heroes to lead your army into battle and invade opposing Empires to expand your kingdom.  By sending out your heroes to challenge at the Tower you can gain Hero EXP and promote the hero’s level. Player vs. Player (PvP) is also available as you can pit players against one another. May the best strategy wins as you play Age of Warring Empire.

Want to know more about Age of Warring Empire? Read the Age of Warring Empire Wiki and Game Guide below.

Age of Warring Empire Online Hack Tool and Cheats Guide

Works for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS

Step 1. Download the Age of Warring Empire hack below by Use the downloader and select whether your computer operating system is Windows or Mac.

Step 2. Connect your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any iOS device to computer USB. Age of Warring Empire app must be installed and running with Internet connection.

Step 3. Click on “Detect Device” button.

hacking age of warring empire 1

Step 4. Edit the values.

hacking age of warring empire 2

Step 5. Click on “Patch Game” button.

hacking age of warring empire 3

Step 6. Reload Age of Warring Empire app and see your new stats.

hacking age of warring empire 4

Age of Warring Empire Hack Proof: See the Results of the Detailed Steps in Using Age of Warring Empire Hack, Tool, Cheats and Trainer

Age of Warring Empire Cheats


Age of Warring Empire Hack


  • Unlimited Gold Hack
  • Unlimited Resources Hack
  • Free Stone, Wood, Iron and Crop
  • Free Constellation and Special Heroes
  • Enable VIP Mode

Complete Age of Warring Empire Wiki and Game Guide

Daily Strategy

1. Login every day to receive the rewards, you will get a random Hero on the 7th day!

2. Daily Free Draw

3. Follow the guide of Missions.

4. Finish all kinds of Daily Missions to get Reputation and items.

5. Continuously upgrade your buildings, sell extra Resource and buy rare Resource via Market.

6. Pay attention to own Lord’s level, occupy Wilderness to get Resource and Bronze Coins.

7. Receive the rewards of Reputation Achievement in the City Hall-Lord page.

8. Challenge “Mutilayer Tower” at least once every day to upgrade your Heroes.

9. By challenge in Arena every day, you can not only get Resource and Reputation, but also increase your own Ranking.

10. Search the treasure in the map, and attack to grab it.

11. Use Junior Heroes to synthesize Senior Heroes. Don’t forget to keep at least 4 Heroes.

12. Pay attention to in-game Events and finish them.


Being a VIP gives you utmost advantage while playing the game.

- Add one more project to the construction queue for 15 days.

- Increase basic output of Food, Wood, Stone and Iron by 10% for 15 days.

Lottery Description

Lottery includes 3 kinds:

1. Use 10 Gold Coin for Normal lottery, 1 reward for each spin;

2. Use 45 Gold Coins for Medium lottery, 2 rewards for each spin;

3. Use 120 Gold Coins for Advanced lottery, 3 rewards for each spin.

The higher the level of lottery is, the more and better rewards you can get. Rewards include plenty of Resource, soldiers, Heroes and Added Items.

You have a free raffle opportunity every day. Donating 2000 copper coins or a gold can get another opportunity.

Age of Warring Empire Hero and Item List

Constellation Hero



Attribute:  All S

Effect: Owning himwill increase all your hero troops carrying amount by 10%. Stack with the effect of leadership card.


Growth: 20

Attribute: All S

Effect: Having her in your city will have one more additional construction queue.


Growth: 20

Attribute: All S

Effect:Himself will have 20% probability to attack twice in battle.


Growth: 20

Attribute: All S

Effect:Himself will have 20% chance  to reduce 50% of  enemy ‘s damage in battle.

Special Hero

Reindeer Goddess

Growth: 23

Attribute: All S

Special Ability:  Add highest enhance point among all hero to herattack and def.

Turkey Knight

Growth: 20

Attribute: All S

Effect: Bringing him together whilemarching will shorten the marching time by 50%.Using marching card at the sametime will reduce 50% more of remaining time.

Robin Hood


Attribute: All S

Effect: Himself willhave a 20% chance to deal double damage in battle.

Rose & Carlos (Valentine’s Hero)

Growth: 23

Attribute: All S

Effect: Will increase their attack and defense by 50% if they placed together in battle.


Growth: 22

Attribute: All S

Effect: NIL

Easter Hero

Growth: 23

Attribute: All S

Effect:: Will have 20% possibility of reviving 25% troops. Effect apply for all accompany troops on wall and in tower.

Iron Mask

Growth: 23

Attribute: All S

Effect:: Using him to march will decrease the marching time by one hour, if the target is located within 1 hour,the march time will become 10 second. (Only works for Iron Mask first three march per day,and it doesn’t stack with fast march card or turkey hero’s effect.)

Troops Replenishment Card

Troops Replenishment Card(small)

Effect: Choose one type of troops, it willreplenish 25% of your barrack current space.

Troops Replenishment Card(medium)

Effect: Choose one type of troops, it willreplenish 50% of your barrack current space

Troops Replenishment Card (large)

Effect: Choose one type of troops , it willreplenish your barrack to full instantly.

Gems Tutorial

What are gems?

Gems can be used to increase the attack and defense of your heros. You equip them in the heros menu.

Where can I get gems?

Gems can be found in the new “Gem Tab”. You buy them with copper coins, or with gold coins.

You have to “tap” on the levels to buy them with copper coin.

It has to be noticed, you dont get gems 100% of the time. There is a

chance that you just get 80% of the copper coins back and no gem.

What kind of gems exists?

There exist 2 big groups of gems.

- Red ones: They increase a heros attack

- Blue ones: They increase a heros defense

And like heros they can be divided in 5 groups – 1* – 5*

5* is the best and rarest one, which you want to get.

Notice: 5* star gems can be found in the last level only.

Synth Gems

Like Heros you can synth Gems. But unlike Heros you increase the strength of 1 gem by synthing it with other gems.

The higher level a gem has, the better stats it grants your hero. The max level is probaly 400 like it is for generals, but getting them to such high level needs much cc.

Notice: a 5* red gem gives +30 attack for each of his level. – So if its a lvl 10 red gem it grants +300 attack

while a 5* blue gem gives +60 defense for each level – So if its lvl 10 it grants +600 defense.

New Dragon System & Rewards

Dragon will get stronger everyday once your server successfully kill it.

Each kill, dragon level up by 1x. Note it is permanent increased.


For  ALL participant:

0 – 0.1% : Prestige (20+boss lvl)

0.1% – 1% : Prestige (50+boss lvl*2)

1% – 10% : Prestige (100+boss lvl*3)

10% – 100% : Prestige (200+boss lvl*4)


0 – 0.1% : CC (your lvl*30+boss lvl*10)

0.1% – 1% : CC (your lvl*50+boss lvl*30)

1% – 10% : CC (your lvl*100+boss lvl*50)

10% – 100% : CC (your lvl*200+boss lvl*100)


0 – 0.1% : Res 4 types each (500 each)

0.1% – 1% : Res 4 types each (2000 each)

1% – 10% : Res 4 types each (10000 each)

10% – 100% : Res 4 types each (20000 each)

if killed. Military bonus (small) x 1.

Unlock this tool by using one of the buttons below. Working and updated as of December 20, 2014.

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